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John Young, UW Madison


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Director: John Young is an emeritus professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, He was on the faculty for 42 years, specializing in large-scale atmospheric wind dynamics and turbulence near the earth's surface. These areas are fundamental to understanding the climate system and its variability. He has participated in observational climate programs involving air-sea interaction, monsoons, and the Pacific El Niño. His work in theory and modeling has concentrated on global-scale wind systems and cloud convection affecting the energy budget of the earth's surface. He is now applying this knowledge to the understanding and prediction of climate fluctuations over the Midwestern U.S. In recent years he has given presentations on global and regional climate change, El Niño to professional public groups and the media in southern Wisconsin. He has also served as the departmental chairman.

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Tel: 920-478-4277


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